noob need help with mouse click walk

hi, I still am a big blender noob but i want to make a game in which i can click on a face and let a object walk to it…
can some1 tell me how to or write a little tutorial…

I’ve got a script for that I intend to share… it’s not ready to upload yet though, if you can just sit tight I’ll try to get it up soon.

(The problem requires Python)

can you plz tell me when it`s finished?
thx! :smiley:

If you plan on asking a question, please don’t refer to yourself as a noob, it only makes you look even more like one. A question is a question, you being a noob has nothing to do with it. This would require some advanced python scripting, so it probably isn’t suited to a beginner. Don’t let me put you off though, but make sure you know the basics before delving into the advanced aspects of Python and the Blender GE.

^o) uhm, ok… I just don`t know a *** about what I asked. the rest will be jsut fine…

Okay, I’ve uploaded the scripts to the world:

Post questions in that thread.
I hope it’s what you need!

very nice… thx!