Noob needing expert help

Hello everyone!

I just started with Blender yesterday and, as practice, I’m trying to animate a simple movie. I’m sorry I have so many noob questions, you must have gotten them so meny times, but here they go:

  1. How do you export an animation to .mpg, .avi, or anything like that?
  2. How do I zoom in/out the animation? For example, the only way I’ve found to zoom in is to move the camera 1 pixel and increment the frame number. Is there an easier way?
  3. What is an easy way to make something wiggle?
    You see, I’m trying to make the fatty acids on the phospholipid wiggle back and forth like a snake, but the only way I’ve accomplished that is doing the same thing I did with the zoom. Any suggestions?

1.) Press F10 (n the buttons window) to go to the render window. Under the format tab, you will see something that by default says “jpeg”. Click that menu and find whatever you want to export it to. Also make sure in the output tab, you have the first line selected to the directory you want and the name (i.e. directory/ format(.avi, .mpg, etc.)

2.) You need to use keyframes. To zoom in you need to set a start point at one frame, and the press “i” and select at least “location” if not “locationrotationsize”. Then move it and advance to a new frame, and do the same.

3.) It sounds like if it is one object (a solid mesh) you either need to use bones and key frames or vertex controls. I know almost nothing about vertex keys, so look in the documentation, or wait for somebody else to respond.

Hope this helps

ahhhh… a phospholipid bilayer for a cell membrane…

(fun stuff…)

umm… for the fatty acid tails, you could use the wave effect…

press f7, and click on the effects tab.

change the menu that says [build] to wave…

try fiddling with the settings,

i hope this helps…


Oh, I see… and how do you supposed I make those tails? I want them to be very thin, compared to the head. I’ve tried doing a mesh tube, bezier curve, and others. What would y’all recommend?