Noob needs a pointer for objects in multiple scenes

My first post so apologies if it is in the wrong place or just plain stupid! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have recently started Blender. It is an amazing programme but incredibly complicated!

After experimenting with sculpting, rigging, constraints etc. I have created a little animation combining some of these which you can see here!

Push Me


I have come across the problem that now I want to make another scene but with a ‘linked’ room/character/objects so that if I change something (add a mouth or change a material) it will automatically change in the other scenes.

HOWEVER, not interfere with the animation data itself.

Right…too long for a first post.

Any help much appreciate (I have already looked at YouTube, this site and in the manual but only found partial answers)


If you want to stay within the same file and use a second scene, here is an answer:

There are at least 2 ways:

Create a new scene. Select your object on the original scene, go in the Object menu Link / Transfer Data > Link Objects to Scene, then Choose your other scene.

You could also create an object in the new scene, select it and go in the Properties panel > Data, and in the top dropdown menu (Browse Mesh Data to be Linked) choose the mesh you want.

Or you can use a linked object (from another file), but it will be a bit tedious, or soon the new Asset Manager?

Wow…fast answer moonboots!

I did this and it worked for simple objects such as the button and pots but for the ‘bug’ character everything goes wrong.

I am guessing because it is a mixture of mesh, bones, modifiers and control empties.

Perhaps there is some way of making this all one ‘object’ so I can do what you suggest?

…while I was waiting for a reply I just managed to accidently delete the mouth armature and have lost it…going to take a long time to learn this programme! :face_with_monocle:

mmh ok so it doesn’t seem to be the good solution… I’m not used with scenes actually ^^

Thanks for trying though moonboots.

Hopefully someone else will have a solution.

(found the mouth - accidentally entered a negative figure in the Z co-ordinate and it was hiding under the floor :laughing:)

I’ve just tried and it works fine for me so perhaps tell what you’ve done exactly?

If you put your whole character in a collection you can instance that collection to a different scene, it will be parented to an empty and treated like one object in the scene it is instanced to. You can move rotate and scale the instance in the new scene.

The instance will respect the animation you have in your original scene and reflect any changes you make in the original objects.


I created a scene called Assets to put stuff in. The idea being I can edit it there and it will affect objects in all the scenes.

I did this with the pepper pot and it worked so I then did it with the ‘bug’ character by selecting everything in the Character Collection (Head, legs, targets, constraints, Bezier circles, control empties).

This also seemed to work, however, when I changed the spider in the asset scene (increased head scale for instance) this was not reflected in the action button scene which defeats the point.

So, as it didn’t seem connected, I deleted it in the asset scene and pressed save (as I often have to with Blender to avoid crashes and lost work).

When I went back to the action scene the character was gone.

Panicking I quit and loaded it up again only to find that of course I had saved it after deleting it so it was still gone.

So, not only have I lost the character (there is an earlier copy of the file so I can get that back I think) but also I believe I may have lost all the animation data as that was orphaned when I saved?

AAAARGH… :cry: so much to learn.

Still - every mistake is an opportunity to learn so I will try and stay positive :smiley:

Can’t do anything more today - ran out of time.

Thanks for trying to help out the newbie ‘moonboots’ but might be a lost cause :confused:

Check your temp folder for backup files, ( “·your file name”_autosave.blend) blender saves backup files in you temp folder every now and then, maybe there is one that still has the character.

Just saw your reply after posting to moonboots.

Thanks for trying to help as well. If you read my post to moonboots you will see it hasn’t quite worked out for me today! :smiley: Never mind all part of the learning curve.

Looks like that rendered video will be the only memory of the animation…

Check your temp folder for backups!

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…ahh…you got me thinking with that one DNorman…however, I looked in a few possible temp places and also Blender cache and all empty.

Thanks for the thought though.

By default Blender saves backups every 2 minutes unless you have changed your preferences there should be backups somewhere. For linux it will be /tmp/
I am not sure where windows puts them but will look it up.
Edit You could try searching your computer for files with autosave.blend

Good news DNorman.

I couldn’t find any temp folders with auto back ups but I did save a version with a different name because it had a ‘broken’ mouth (as mentioned in earlier posts).

I have fired that one up, mended the mouth and everything is intact again.

Many thanks for your help. I shall attack the ‘instancing’ - ‘linking’ - multi scene object editing problem another day.

Thanks again for your help…:+1:

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Always good practice! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Edit: for the future you should find out where blender is saving the temp files, in this thread there are a few different options:

glad that you recovered your file ^^ so now you should be able to do what you want, keep in mind that if you change an object in a scene it will change it in the other one, you need to make it single-user if you don’t want to affect the other one (you may need to do this for your armature for example so that you can give it another action)

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Hello again moonboots,

What I am after (and I am sure it is possible but I can’t achieve it) is this:

1 - have an asset scene which all ‘original’ objects are in
2 - be able to take assets from this scene (even if they include rigging, empties, constraints) and put exact copies into other scenes
3 - then later, if the asset is edited in the original asset scene this affects every instance throughout every other scene (add a bone, change through sculpting, material etc.)
4 - However, animation data is not linked/associated. So within every scene OTHER than the original asset scene I should be able to move, rotate, scale and add ‘actions’ to objects independently of the other scenes.

When I try to do this I end up with a character that I can change (sculpt for instance) and this will affect the other ‘copies’ but also all the animation data is linked too :frowning:

Any further ideas welcome…


Not 100 percent sure i understand what you are looking for but perhaps the nla editor is what you need.

It lets you string together multiple actions and even mix these actions or change their duration and timing.

For example you could make several different animations for your character. A walk cycle, a hamd waving and an eye blinking action.
Later you blend these actions together and you gert a walking character that starts waving ata specific prames and periodically blinks its eyes.

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Many thanks for joining in the ‘help line’ Lumpengnom :slight_smile:

I have tried to make a video to show more clearly what happens. It is my first time trying to make a screen capture video so forgive me!

Example problem

Basically, I can duplicate the character and edit both simultaneously but not separate the animation DATA.

Many thanks for any help,

I can not see the video because a google account is needed.