Noob needs a pointer for objects in multiple scenes

Hi moonboots…mmmm… that looks interesting. I might give that a try.

The only thing that worries me there is that the armature inside the head deforms the mesh so if I, in effect, have the same mesh but different armature will the different armature still deform the shared mesh?

Anyway, I have a feeling I am going about this all wrong and will look bakc in a few months wondering what the hell I was doing!

Have seen some videos on Blender 3.0 with an asset library that looks like it does what I want so maybe I should just wait until that arrives?? :slight_smile:

Apologies - my bad :roll_eyes:…it should be accessible now :+1:

  1. You want do duplicate your character.
  2. You want both characters to use the same mesh
  3. If you change the mesh of the first character the mesh of the second character should change as well
  4. The first character should have different animations than the second character

Is that correct?

If so you could do one of the following:

  1. Select your characters mesh and the armature
  2. alt-d to duplicate it as linked
  3. Select your second armature and delete its action in the Action Editor
  4. give it a new animation


  1. Put your character in a collection and call it “spider” or something
  2. Save the file as “SpiderCharacter”
  3. Open a new Blender
  4. File → Link → “spider” → Collections → "SpiderCharacter
  5. Duplicate the linked Spider
  6. Create a library override for your imported spider character
  7. Delete the action on your overriden character
  8. Create new animation

Hello Lumpengnom & moonboots,

I have finally cracked it (I think).

It was a combination of all your advice plus what I was already doing but there was one missing element that was screwing it up I think:

I had not pushed all the animation to the NLA

I think what this meant was that when I deleted animation from the linked copy it was still associated directly with the armature of the linked objects so deleted it in the original scene too.

Now that all the actions are ‘pushed down’ to the NLA when I delete them in the new scene they do not affect the other scene as all I have done is removed the actions themselves rather than deleted any animation.

…well…I think that is what is happening.

Either way it seems to be work :slight_smile:

Many thanks again for your help.

By the way I don’t know if you liked the music. Just a quick clarinet and bassoon sketch I did in 10 minutes. Music production is my real job, so if you ever want some music to accompany an animation send it to me and I will do it for free as you were so helpful - I do funk to full orchestra epic - just depends on your animation.


hey please give a link to your music :wink:

Edit: I was wrong in my previous message, I was lost in my recommandations, to put a copy of your object in another scene, select it, Object > Make Links > Link Objects to Scene and choose the scene.

Thanks for your interest moonboots.

You should be able to hear the music on the video clip linked on the first post.

Here are links to a few examples on my ‘hobby’ YouTube channel I started during lockdown if you are interested.
This from a few weeks ago:

A different style (experimented with trying to represent the individual notes visually):

This was my only 3D animation before I found Blender :slight_smile:

A simple Irish folky number:

Best wishes,