noob needs help with simple boomerang

greetings, could use some help on something I’m sure is simple for the advanced users out there. Trying to make a simple boomerang with path, bevel, taper method. It gives me a nice simple start to the boomerang that I want. Next, I select the center vertices on the taper path to bulge out the center of the boomerang. It seems to do a nice job and gives the boomerang a cool look and some depth. The problem is that it bulges out the boomerang along all the axes and I only want it to do so along the x and z so the backside of the boomerang will be flat. Is that possible using this method, or should I go with something different?


You’re way better off just modeling it and using a subsurf modifier. I just used a plane to rough out the shape, then inset the top and moved it up for the curve on top:

Personally I would model it as a mesh. Here’s an example:
boomerang.blend (370 KB)

sweet, thanks. :cool: