noob on blender and zbrush

hello, this will be my first post! I am going to have a few questions, so I hope you guys can help!

I am completely new to blender and pretty new to zbrush. I can only do basic things like sculpting and coloring. I came from Maya.

To begin with, I roughly sculpted a human body in zBrush. For some odd reasons I kept on deleting all the lower subdivisions. So naturally, I tried to do retopology to the mesh. First, may I say, that after the process, I am unable to project the high-res model onto the retop model. I hope I just did not hit all the buttons I needed to. Here is what I did.

  1. zbrush model
  2. sketch my retop wireframe with colorize
  3. did the zsphere, selet mesh, edit topology
  4. after that I hit project under project under projection and the model gets screwed up.

So maybe I am doing something wrong there? I hope I made an obvious mistake.

Second problem, I brought in the low-res model into blender and tried to UV unwrap it. Well, at this stage I have only did the head. However, it seems that after I mark the seams and hit unwrap, the head gets thrown sideways and scaled weird. I am completely new to blender (I was reading navigational tutorials an hour before this post). Here is a picture of what it looks like right now. Please help!

Finally, how do I really map the hi-res zbrush model details onto the low-res body? Do I UV unwrap the hi-res model also? Or do I just export a bunch of maps from the hi-res model from zbrush and reapply them onto the low-res model? and if so, what are the bunch of maps? I need to learn this for a game model I am about the create.

Thank you in advance!