Noob Problem with Some Faces

I’m apologize, but I have no background in 3D, so I’m not even sure how to describe this problem in an intelligent way.

I am importing some Wavefront objects and trying to render them, but I have some odd visual artifacts in some places on the objects. I saw another thread about normals facing the wrong way, so I used the “Make normals consistent” function to do so, but still having the problem. Here is an example:

Which is causing the rendered output to have spots in it like this:

Can someone point me in the right direction of what might be going on here?

Select all vertices (W) and remove any doubles (W / remove doubles)
Manually check for overlapping faces by selecting one and moving it. If so delete it, then fill any gaps.

Your mesh actually looks abysmal. If you’re looking for a smooth surface, all that jungle of triangles is not going to help you out

Thanks for the advice. The models are anatomically accurate medical illustrations we bought. I am a software engineer and certainly don’t have the qualifications to comment on their quality; I’m just trying to get some good renders. This is basically day 1 of using Blender for me, so I’m sure this stuff would be more obvious to me if I had any clue what I was doing. :o

When I tried to remove the doubles, nothing happened and it said “0 vertices removed”, but in messing with it I discovered if I selected the vertex from which the bright spot appears to emit and click the “Smooth vertex” it corrected it. In thinking about what you said I re-imported the original object and noticed that this problem does occur after I selected smooth shading. If you notice, the original object doesn’t seem to have this issue:

It also doesn’t have the problem with “seams” in between the different surfaces that I mentioned in my second post. So I guess the grand question is, how do I make this smooth without using that “smooth shading”, which seems to cause these issues?

Just go into sculpt mode > hold shift > and draw on your artifacts to magically solve your problem. :wink:

Get your money back.

Seriously, this mesh is a commercial product you bought, and this is what it looks like when you open it up without making any alterations? That’s the topology they sold you? jestmart is right. Get your money back.

Hmmm, looks like an opportunity for some enterprising Blender entrepreneur. What company did you buy this from and how often do you do business with them?

I think company did that mesh with laser scanner (point cloud), thats why topology is little bit weird compared to modeling of human.

try to upload a smaller part for that model so we can look and see what is going on!

so you want this to look smoother here?

happy bl

i think make-human meshes are anatomically accurate. also free, and have good topology. i must agree with the earlier comments, that for a commercial product, this kind of topology is unacceptable. good topology looks like a nice even netting of quads ( 4 sided polygons ), with fluid edge-loops that conform to the natural curvature of the form you are making. most quality meshes have no triangles, and no faces with more than 4 vertexes. this is the standard, and this company should not be charging people for such a mesh as this. if you are set on using this mesh, you could pay someone from this forum to fix it using our retopology toolset, but i agree with these guys. you should ask for your money back. this mesh is a topology crime.

I was not with the company at the time the models were purchased/created, so I honestly don’t know the process that was involved. I suspect that they were 3D scanned. A coworker did tell me that originally they were 60K+ polys per model, but it was far to much for our application to handle, so they had to have them reduced. I wonder if the reduction process caused some of this. Anyway, thank you for the comments, I will see what I can do.