Noob problem

I just downloaded blender creator and I can’t figure out how to turn off the blurring effect and use the interface. TIA

Hi and welcome

What means Noob?

If you just started with blender, theeth (he is quite experienced) recommends this tutorials

There has been a topic on starting with blender, maybe you can find some tipps there, too.

Starting with blender is hard work, but it’s worth.

Some simple tipps for the start:

Adding objectsis done by hitting the space bar or from the Add menu in the header.

The object appers in the Editmode where you can manipulate the selected vertices (yellow if selcted)

Selection is done (contrary to most other programs) with right mouse button. (deselecting with A key, again A key selects all) B key or two times B key gives you further selection options.

TAB key toggles Editmode and Draw mode (selected objects in Draw mode appear pink unselected black)

Difference between Draw and Editmode: Drawmode manipulation of the entire object, Editmode manipulation of single vertices or groups of vertices.

Translating objects with G key (move cursor and confirm with LMB. RMB terminates the action)

Rotating with R key

and so on

Thanks. ‘Noob’ is a slang term for newbie or ‘new user’, someone who is new to something.

My problem is a little more basic. When I run the program, the display is all blurry and I can’t see any of the viewports or buttons or menus. Heres a picture of it:

What are your computer specs? Many problems I have seen deal with videocards and drivers installed.

Duron 850 on an asus a7v (VIA kt133). GF3 original with 29.42 detonators. All running in win2k sp3. I don’t know if blender uses directx, opengl or what but I haven’t had any problems with either from other apps and games.

Blender is OpenGl, it looks like a problem with the video settings/driver. That is the most common problem. There are quit a few posts about fixes for win2k so a search should find the answer.