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Are there any gameBlender tutes for absolute beginners (ie who don’t know Python)? I know blender modelling etc, I just don’t know game engine specifics. I have learnt VB, actionscript 1.0, and some c, so I’m no stranger to programming methods.

I know there is a tute thread here, but for the scale of what I’m doing, it’s like trying to make quilt from threads found in a dumpster.

Most important question:
What function runs first when the game starts?

Secondly, WTF is a logic brick?

Thirdly, where’s the python API docs?

A difficult question you ask.

If any, there are not many tutorials on python,
however many examples of code can be found
in this and other forums on this site.

if you have programming experience the quickest
way to learn to do the “normal” thing would be to
take apart a game, and look at all the scripts to
learn the python.

ANYWAY… the tricky part. You have NO access to
blenders game engine in a coding/scripting sense.

The ONLY interface are logic bricks. There are sensors
controllers and actuators.

Usually you will connect a keyboard sensor (on object A) to a motion actuator on object A through a AND controller. to get basic things to happen.

There is the option to make the controller a PYTHON controller, this gives a much more powerful controller, as it can represent much more powerful logic for mapping sensors on to actuators, and also allows access to things like files and the world settings etc.

  1. learn to use gamelogic to make a simple set up.
  2. learn how to plug a python script into that logic.

the python API


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