Noob Quest: Sculpting brush/tool not working normally?

Hey all : )

I’ve just started to learn blender and am now up to the part where I would like to sculpt/change a mesh shape which is a UV Sphere (I’m trying to sculpt it into a heart… real original and not at all girly. :P)

Looking at tutorials the brushes seem to be used much like a Photoshop brush, where you hold down the left mouse button and build up mass (or deflate/subtract). My issue is that when I click and hold down the left mouse button it acts like I am wanting to add/subtract but as I move my mouse around it changes the size of the brush immediately (and shape of the object) and ONLY in the spot where I did the mouse click. The brush size doesn’t seem to stay constant and I cannot just freely move it across the sphere and build up in certain places… just clicking and holding down the left mouse button then moving around the object seems like I am chosing one specific spot to either make very big or very small. I can’t drag the brush across and just add or subtract freely… it seems like it’s only one specific spot that I can change at a time.

I want to drag my brush across the shape and it add/subtract for the entire “brush” stroke - not just adjust one specific spot…

I reaaaaaly hope that makes sense… it must be a setting I am completely missing… maybe I’ve turned on a shortcut by mistake… but it’s very frustrating! Watching tutorial vids online i see people using the brush the right way and I’ve checked my sculpt tool settings but I don’t see what I’m missing…

Any help or possible questions to help make this issue a bit clearer is greatly appreciated! :spin:

Change Stroke to Space instead of Anchored.