Noob Question: 3D compositing into Adobe After Effects

I am not a very devoted blender user as my only use for it is to create small objects which I would like to composite into live action footage in Adobe after effects. However, I have no idea what file codec to export my models into to import into After Effects. I am running Blender 2.5.2 and After Effects CS4. Could someone please help me?

Just render out your images from Blender as a PNG sequence. Remember to activate RGBA so you get an alpha channel. All the output settings can be found by pressing the F10 key.

I have never had Blender successfully make any valid movie format on my Windows XP computer. Valid, meaning, works with After Effects. You can waste your time experimenting, if you like, but image sequences are all I have ever been able to get out of Blender.

I’ve had a lot of success combining blender with ‘shake’ (and then back into FCP for editing) - specifically green-screen compositing of actors into environments created in Blender.