noob question about blender 2.62

running win 7 x64, just downloaded and installed blender 2.62; when I click on the icon i get win explorer message “blender has stopped working” – any ideas?

make certain you go the right version

get another one at graphical for your OS

and try it again


I have a noob question about 2.62 as well.
I’m trying to model a head. I deleted half the vertices and selected mirror from the modifiers list, but that’s as far as I can get. When I click apply, nothing happens. In fact, I can’t get any modifiers to affect my objects, or maybe they are applying/having an effect, but I can’t see the results in the viewport.
What am I missing or what am I doing wrong? I used 3DS Max for years so I’m not a complete n00b, but I am new to blender.

one mirror requires that you reset the center in the middle

see wikipage for mirror
for more details


First make sure, that pivot point is at the center of the model. Mirror uses pivot location as a mirroring axis.
Than you can try exit edit mode and see if the Mirror works.
Clicking Apply is similar to Max’s collapsing modifier stack (sorry, I don’t remember the correct name of this operation).
In Mirror settings, there are buttons near modifier name: photo camera, eye, cube with selected verts… Theese buttons define, in which cases you will see the result of modifier work. Maybe you switched off some of them…

Awesome, thanks a lot! I see what I was doing wrong.