noob question about converting colour png files to svg using Inkscape.....

Dear Folks,

I am a Blender noob currently trying to learn about converting png files to svg format. I watched a few videos posted on youtube concerning this and found them to be helpful.

They suggested using Inkscape to assist with this problem.

I tried it and it seemed to work well for monochrome images.

But for me at least, when I tried doing it with an image with several different colours as well as some monochrome features then although I could produce an svg image that appeared to look identical in terms of the colours etc to the original png file, once I tried importing the svg file into Blender then it looked different to the original svg file in that e.g. the colours appeared to have changed and the rest of the image had a light grey surface on it.

I watched some more youtube videos on using Inkscape to convert coloured png images to svg format in particular.
One video I watched showed separate copies of a multi-coloured image being produced where each one contained only one colour plus a distinct monochrome copy ie a breakdown into component colour components.

Would I need to do that with any multi-coloured png to svg file conversion or should I be able to convert a png image of some rainbow roses sitting on a gold plated neon sign into a single svg and import it into blender and it would look OK?

Comments appreciated