Noob question about materials

So, I think Ive basically figured out how to configure my materisl right… however I still cant figure out how to apply the material. How to you specify what object you want the material to be applied to?

How would you add an .HDR to your scene either?

Go to object mode right click on the object and click “add link to object” and then configure your material.
Hope it helps.

the link is in the Links and Material Panel, just to left of the material Name field (that says Add New).

Adding an HDR is a World Background, using an image texture. see and continue reading.

I cant find it…


Here is your problem click on the little sphere (see picture)


I still cant see a button that says add link to object…

Select an object that you want to link some material to then select another object that already has the material you want then with yyour mouse over the 3D window do CTRL + L and you’ll get a popup window named “Make Links”. Select "Materials from the window and the material from the object you selected last will get linked to the object or objects that you selected previously.

I appreciate the help, but im still trying to figure out how to assign a material to my first object.

You create the material via the “Links and Pipeline” tab in the materials buttons (F5) via the “Add New” button. You can’t create materials if you don’t have any objects because materials are properties of objects in an object based heirarchy. You can also select a materialless object and link a previously created material to it via the little set of arrows on the left side of the Add New button. It’ll give you a popup that you can select from.

It might already be linked, does it look like this?
or the second one?


Yeah, it looks like the first one. How did you get to the second one?

Intersting… Every object that I select has the same material… So whichever one I click on and type “au.nk” in sets it for the rest…

You objects are all linked then. If you want one to have a different material, click the number beside the material name and make it single user.

Do I have to do somethign different if I want mulitiple materials in my scene because everyone that I assign seems to be overriding the rest…

Get the second one by clicking the circled “x” button, whick removes the material from the object.


Uh, my materials are overwriting each other. I name one object something and it show up as the material no matter what other object i select.

click the number and make it single user.