noob question about rendering text with overlaping characters


I’ve been using blender for only a couple weeks, and haven’t found any documentation/discussion regarding my rendering problems…

I would like to create a 3D word with overlaping characters. I overlap the characters by reducing the character spacing (kerning) to ~0.6. The word looks good unrendered, but there are black lines in the places where the letters overlap when it is rendered. I’ve tried creating each letter as a separate object and have tried using boolean union to overlap the characters, but it doesn’t seem to help.

Can someone explain why this happens and how to avoid it?



If there are black areas showing up- turn all of the letters black- problem solved :D! (it actually does work)
But seriously its a polygon sort of rendering thing that happens (even though they aren’t polygons). Two theoretical polygons (faces/ normals) are occupying the same space. If you turn shadeless on, it will not render that way, also if you keep them spaced, turn it into a polygon or curve (alt C), then manually move them into place and offset them (one underneath the other) by a very very tiny amount (just so it doesn’t cast a shadow- or switch cast shadows off) that should do also. If you need them filled in 3D- extrude it first, create the spacing then alt C it, and manually move the offending faces.

Other solutions would be interesting to hear…