Noob question about selection

I bought an obj alphabet online and brought it into blender. comes in as a whole alphabet and obviously i want to turn it into words. all select methods i use seem to select all the letters at once. since i didn’t create it i’m not sure what was used to marry them together or how i can break them apart.

any help appreciated.

Firstly, just using Add > Text is a much easier way than buying objects online, just saying it can save you the time and money.

Secondly, are you talking about object mode or edit mode? In edit mode you should be able to select whatever you want.

Im not sure if i quite understand. Could u post the .blend file and give an example? I would like to help u but its not very easy when what u want to do isn’t explained well.

If you want to separate the individial letters, in edit mode select all the vertices (A) and use the keyboard shortcut P / Separate by Loose Parts

Thanks for the input guys. These things haven’t really worked quite right which could clearly be my fault. The deal is that these letters come with scaffolding, like they on top of a building. that’s why i’m not just using a font.

i tried the loos parts separation but it seperated even the faces of the letters from the scaffolding. in between the letters/scaffolds there is space. so if i could somehow “select contiguous” i think i could make it grab a letter and its scaffolding and then i’d need to ‘break’ that selection from the rest.

sorry that was confusing… if its the letter “A” there is no space between A and A’s scaffolding. it’s all married together. but there IS space between the A stuff and say “B” and "B"s scaffolding.

thats why i was thinking some kind of contiguous selection would work.