noob question: append moves objects

When I try to append a group of objects to another file, the objects are in a different relative position. How can I avoid this result?

I’ve created a figure with skin, clothes etc. When I append to a scene file, the figure, its armature and other objects are ripped apart.

It seems to have something to do with transformations. If I “clear location” in the original file, the objects move to a similar position as in the append result.

I’d like to move the entire figure with associated objects to the new file without having to move them back into position.

did you select them all when you append? or did you append more than once?

Weird. I was going to say just hit Ctrl-A to apply the location (that is, make the place the object is at its “real” location) in the original file, but it seems that Ctrl-A only works for size and rotation. And when I google how to apply location, I just find a bunch of old hotkey docs that say Ctrl-A.

So it looks like they changed the way to apply location. Anybody know how to do that?

By the way, I’m not sure what exactly the situation is you’re having, but I generally find it’s a good idea to object-parent a mesh to its armature, in addition to setting the armature modifier. That way the whole mesh will follow the whole armature when it moves.