noob question but I cant figure it out

Does anybody know how to delete a key frame from the animation time line? In the Frame menu it says ‘X’ is the key to delete frames, so I pressed x while the green slider was over the yellow frame marker but the frame doesnt go away, none of them do. I also did it by the menu and that didnt work either. What am I doing wrong?
I appreciate any help. thanks.

You need to have the frame selected.
In the IPO, select the curve you want, TAB to enter edit mode, and select the vertex of the frame you want to delete.

X to delete it.

Not sure this is the best way, but it seems to work.

You might need to right click the marker to select it, then hit ‘x’ to delete. Usually the selection is right click, and placement of points is left click.


Yeah. What they said.