Noob question - Connecting armature to model?

Hi there.

I’m a total beginner with Blender and need it for human mesh and wireframe modeling. I already found a very nice basemesh originally by Nick Zuccarello (, which has been modified so that it should be fully rigged.

I have downloaded the model and have tried to connect the armature to model so that I could move the model legs and hands, etc but not with good results. I’ve followed this guide:

  1. Select the mesh
  2. Shift+Select the armature
  3. Ctrl + P
  4. Select “With Automatic Weights” option

What happens next is that armature rotates 90 degrees horizontally and that’s all. It’s still separated from model and naturally couldn’t work any way because it’s posing to different direction.

Here’s screen capture what happens:

Also, if I ever get this to work, what kind of job would it be to add separate bones to all fingers and toes ?

maybe set everything to “0” in the panel (under ‘Transformation’ part )?

upload the .blend ?

basicaly to add extra bones :

  • add bones on the armature in edit mode
  • select mesh, create a vertex group for each new bone in the ‘Propriety’ Panel - “Data” tab
  • weight paint

u will find full tutorial on Internet