(Noob Question) Curve Mesh to 3d Mesh

i get a wayPack from “blender GIS” and seems like this.

  • as you can see, map is seems like a “Curve”. But it’s Object!!!
  • i want to this “model” to Curve.
    is there any way to make this?

All scene entities are objects, otherwise you would not be able to select or interact with them in the 3D viewport, object tab or outliner.

What do you mean by real mesh, your object has 3D mesh, otherwise its mesh tab would not be accessible:

if you are referring to 3D editing of your Curve, there is this Curve setting:

Else if you have already converted your Curve to Mesh and you wish for more depth, you could use the Solidify modifier on your converted mesh to relatively “extrude” your mesh.

Plane on the left has no modifier | Plane on the right has a solidify modifier:

Hi Zaug47,

There might have been a mistake when you imported your model.

You can test in a new project and follow these steps:

What I want to say is; I only activated the “highways” option from the options given to me by the “blender gis”.
and he gave me the ways in this way. ie just like an object edit mode, vertex paint etc. they have features but they are in a “line”.
@RPaladin :
so what I want to do is turn these fine lines into a “Curve”.
That way I can do whatever I want.
Thanks in advance for your answer.

Select the Mesh…Object > Convert > CURVE…
Though That will probably end up as a single Curve object… I don’t have anything to test with…