Noob Question - Fluid Simulation

In Blender fluid simulation… is there a way to render a single frame.

I’m trying to freeze a frame of liquid splashing into a glass.

I’ve search this forum and google… but couldn’t find a solution.


BTW I’m using vafray 0.0.9 as the renderer.

well, if you select an image format as your output, like PNG, set your start and end frames, and click ANIM , then each frame in your render output directory is a separate PNG file. U can browse your directory using the Image browser window type to see thumbnails to pick the freeze frame you desire. You can then reload just that image using the Compositor input Image node and then do whatever with it.

bake the fluid–yes you must do that. Then just render the frame you want

err… wtf?
render the intire animation for one image?

just bake it, and go to the frame you want to render using the arrow key, and press [F12]…:smiley:

sorry, i overkill and never know what i want until I see it. Yes, deltor and aegis are more correct: bake the fluid and then as you scroll thru the baked mesh shows in 3D window. You should be able to visualize which frame you wants, and then render only that frame.

Thanks for the help everyone… that’s just what I was looking for.