Noob Question: Getting the 'real' vertices of a duplicated object

This is probably a noob question but here goes:

Say I duplicate an object with bpy.ops.object.duplicate(). When I request the new object’s vertices I get the original objects vertices. No matter how many copies I spawn or where they are the vertices of all the objects are apparently identical.

Obviously this must be something to do with the way they are duplicated. I have tried using duplicates_make_real but this doen’t seem to have any effect. I get the same result.

How do you get the ‘actual’ vertex coordinates of a duplicated object?
Thanks a lot!

The linked parameter for the dupe operator is True by default so each dupe object has the same data.


Will give you a copy object with a copy of the data (mesh if mesh) too.

Thanks for your reply. That didn’t help, mainly because I was being stupid. It actually turned out to be a simple matter of invoking:
bpy.ops.object.transform_apply(location=True, rotation=True, scale=True)