Noob question - grid gone?


Having only just started using Blender I’m currently following one of the tutorials which shows you how to set up a wintry scene with a penguin in it (!)

I have somehow managed to press a button that I shouldn’t have pressed and now the grid seems to have disappeared and my ‘snap to’ positions have increased in size.

Is there any way to restore the grid and my ‘snap to’ positions to their default settings enabling me to save this young penguins life?

Thanks in advance,


You may have accidentally touched the . (period) which will zoom in on whatever is selected. At higher zoom rates the grid can look different. If that’s the case, then you can use your middle mouse wheel to zoom out again, and find the rest of your scene.

Another possibility is you’ve pressed / (slash) and gone into local mode, where only the selection is visible (other objects are hidden.) This can also change the zoom, but the fix is easier, simply press / again. It toggles in and out of local mode.

Of course, neither of these may be the problem. A screen shot would help diagnose what’s really going on.

If you’re in an axis alligned ortho view you’ll have a full grid on any axis and the snap size will change depending on how much you’re zoomed in.

If you’re in a perspective view or a non-alligned ortho view, you’ll only get a (visible) grid on the x/y ground plane and your snap will be determined by the same thingie in view properties that determines the size of the ground grid.

Maybe you hit one of the 2/4/6/8 keys to rotate and then undid it by hitting the opposite? This will leave you with a dead on view but consider it unlocked, so you don’t get the grid. If that’s it, you one of 1/3/7 (numberpad all of these) will reset it. Each looks down a different axis; hold ctrl to switch to the other end of that axis.

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Problem solved,

Nice1, I simply pressed 1 and the grid suddenly reappeared again!:confused:

(oh the joys of noobism!)

Thanks for all the replys - temendous!


I have this problem
I do that you say but my grid isn’t here
Please helpe