Noob question - How to remove textures from a bought 3D Asset?


Im brand new to the blender community and i’m slowly making my way through a few tutorials.

For one project in particular, I purchased a 3D asset from CGTrader (which looks great) but i cant seem to find a way to remove the textures that come pre loaded in the asset.

Is there a certain way i have to import the asset, or is there a file/layer i can ‘switch off’ or delete to remove the textures so that i can apply my own effects ontop of the OBJ.

Any help will be much appreciated


(sirmaxim) #2

Go to the material tab (looks like a little ball with a checker pattern) and delete the materials by clicking on the - button in the properties panel.


(RickyBlender) #3

but you would have to redo all the material on that model

before deleting materials may be you should make a Vert group for each material
that way it is easier to add new material as you want afterward

happy bl


Hi Ricky,

Thanks for the reply.

Apologies again, complete newbie - Whats a vert group? How do i do it? And is there a way i can make on material and apply to all layers?

Hahaa Thanks in advance

(colkai) #5

Vertex groups, go into editor mode, select some points, or edges or faces. In the properties tab, select geoemtry and under the Vertex Groups section, press the ‘+’, then click assign. Do this for as many groups as you want. Also, a vertex can belong in several groups.
For one material, basically delete everything, add one material slot and off you go. Pretty much as per the defautl cube.