noob question. i can't color without crayons

how do i apply multiple colors to one object? as in i want one half blue, and the other red, but as one mesh.

Here’s the part of the manual talking about one way to do it:

Another way…

I’ve been lazy lately, and have been separating into two meshes (select vertices in edit mode, then hit P key so separate selected), giving each separate mesh its own color, then joining the two meshes back into one (Ctrl-J). Might not work for more complicated stuff, but it’s been quick and easy for my purposes of late.

go to F9

then on the ledft you see a panle for material
then smiply add a new material and select then color for it in the color picker there beside the name or go back to F5 and set the color there and i f% material panel you can change the name there too
so next time if you need the same color you can set it to the name given

hoep it helps