Noob question, I lost my color palette

I’m a total noob at Blender, and on this forum, so my apologies if this is the wrong thread to post this noob question.

The first time I got as far as adding a material to an object I was following a Youtube tutorial and it worked as expected, I colored in the donut just like BlenderGuru. But somewhere in that learning process the option to add color disappeared. My frosting never got color. Grey frosting. Eeew. I must have shut the color palette option off by accident, but now I’m lost. Tried a fresh project, hoping it’d reset to a default of some sort, but no dice.

The screenshot below is what I’m looking at. Any clews where to look, or how to turn on my color palette would be appreciated.

Do you mean you want to see viewport in colors?

Or applying colors to materials?

Because there’s no Color Palette in Blender.

same happened to me, but when i clicked the brush on the left side of the screen, it came back