NOOB Question : I want to create a light to throw a cone of light on an object


I’m trying to create a light fixture for a model i’m creating that will project a conical light along the surface or the object, I’ve inserted a crude mock up of what i’m trying to do.


Use a spot lamp

Thanks Richard.

Not quite the effect i’m trying to achieve, here is a better example:



Thanks Richard,

but this is the effect i am trying to achieve:

Hi mate,

in fact Richard was right about the help he sent to U but…

…the cone angle does its job. So as U could see on the image the cone has 60 degrees angle and blending on 0.65 (affects the fall-off of the light - only cones has this behaviour). The colour of the light could be set and the fall-off makes the light white at the source (max power) and colored near the end (max fall-off). Check the “X” rotation of the cone (63.5 degrees roughly on the provided image) and adjust it to Your likeing mate!


Thanks JayM and Richard!

I got it to do most of what i want, still fiddling with the finishing touches.