(noob question) Lighting


I dabbled in the game engine before and am currently using it to produce a vision of my upcoming office. I just started, and began by modeling the room it will be in.

One of the first things I noticed about the GE is this…

Good, Accurate, Realtime Lighting

Bad, Even, Innaccurate Lighting

Is this just the way the GE works, or is there anyway to make the played game look like the preview?


highlight an object, press the f key on your keyboard, then w and with the menu that pops up, under Set, go to Light. then hit f again


while in face select mode…

About z3r0 d’s picture:

When in Face Select mode, you must select one face, then hit light, then select all faces, then hit copy draw mode.

Add more face to your objects to have a good lightning, or use vertex paint to simulate light.

Thanks guys–so dumb for not remembering :wink:

That helped :smiley:


Or you could use radiosity for really good lighting. Just search the forum and the web for it if you dont know how to use it, there seem to be quite a few tutorials covering it.

Or use a per-pixel lighting shader using GLSL if your card supports it.