Noob question - Mouse

Hey Designers,

I have a dumb question I can’t seem to find the answer to on Blender wiki or
Appreciate any advise and a little embarrassed I had to ask.

macbook pro
logitech mouse
Blender 2.71

Q: If I click my right mouse button on a primitive sphere it does not bring up the delete option. Is this something I need to configure in preferences?

(The right mouse button does work in other software programs.)

Q: Also where may I find a list of numpad commands?


RMB on an object selects it. If you want to delete something press X

For shortcuts
Note that new releases may change or add additional shortcuts

Thanks Richard. Your answer didn’t help but I appreciate it anyway.

Turns out I just had the RMB and LMB mouse button settings reversed in:
file -> user preferences -> input -> right.

wow those hot keys and keyboard map are super useful though!