Noob question moving objects

Hi I just wanna move a group of objects i pasted into a project. I have them all selected but instead of moving the shapes I’m moving the XYZ coordinates. How do I move the shapes like normal? Thanks.

First off, welcome to the community, @pacman7293! You ask an interesting question, and it really made me think. I’m trying to imagine what moving objects without moving their XYZ coordinates would be like.

I have to say that I may need more details about your issue. You may be running into issues if you enter Edit Mode before trying to move your objects. But that almost seems like the opposite problem. If you were in Edit Mode with all your vertices selected, you could run into a scenario where you are moving your geometry without moving your object centers, but I still don’t know what exactly you mean.

Could you please clarify what you are trying to do and what steps you are taking to accomplish your goal?

Iam puzzled as well what is the actual problem. Anyway, If you just trying to learn blender by yourself I would recommend to watch at least some of the very fundamentals of blender on youtube, like this series:

yea i’ll try to take a screen shot or video of it … i cut and pasted all the objects into a new file and now am rendering… so another… 8 hour or so it seems… when it’s done i’ll open the old file. im running it on a mac btw…

thanks for the welcome

your question is not clear to me but perhaps you have enabled the Options > Transform > Affect Only > Origins?


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yea thanks i’ll check that when i can… it’s hard to describe… xyz Cartesian coodianents move without polygons i dunno…

Don’t worry. Part of learning any new skill or application is learning the jargon. Also, the more precise and descriptive you can be when asking for help, the better! What are the exact steps you are going through? Can you tell us what you are clicking on or what keys you are pressing?

Yea thanks. It seems Moonboots was right. I had “origin” checked under the options on the top right. So it was only moving the cartesian coodinenate system of xyz not the polygon.

all good now… =) thx again.

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Thanks for letting us know! That’s an important part of the community! If you find a solution to your issue, making sure it is documented so that other people can find it really helps. Would you mind marking @moonboots’s answer as the solution? It’s as easy as clicking the Solution checkbox beneath the post!

to be more precise it was moving the origin of the object, the XYZ show how it is oriented (i.e. the object Local orientation)

if you want to make the title more explicite maybe say that moving the object actually move the XYZ axis?