noob question.. oh yes, another one

the only physics i can do with da game engine is making a sphere role… how do i do that with… lets say a cube? i use rigid body…

yes u use ridgid body, if it doesnt roll very good edit some of the settings.

uhhh. cubes dont roll.

you change the bounds settings. Under where you set it to dynamic

they do, in bullet they can

You can give it a nudge by going into game settings and giving yourself realtime control over it. Set the cube as an actor and then go to the panel that says sensor control actuator - and add parameters to each one.

for sensor have it say keyboard - then tell it which key you want it to watch out for like the right arrow if you plan on having the cube move to the right on command, for control have it say AND, for actuator have it transform the cube by rotating it by a small amount of degrees on either the x,y, or z axis. This will be on the dRot row.

Then click the little circles and drag the chord and connect all three.

now when you start the game engine whatever key you set in sensor-keyboard will cause it to roll.

On the other hand, relying on physics will slow people’s computers down a lot. I have a comp that can run Prey, FEAR, and GuildWars Factions like a breeze. But once I step into Blender GE and then activate physics the fps will drop down to like 13 on some demos.

Maybe this will help maybe not. But I think real time physics are gonna cost you a whole lot of processing power if you over rely on them.