Noob question on background references

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I’ve been doing some character modeling lately and i’ve noticed something that is kind of bothering.
I’ve been following the Pilot character creation Tutorial here on CG Cookie. If anyone else have experienced this same thing while following it.

He starts the video by Setting up modeling sheets by dragging images from the file browser into the 3D viewport to add them as background images to be displayed in the orthographic front and sides.
This works absolutely perfectly, the image is always there, you can’t accidentally move it, you can choose when to see it.

This has happened twice to me now when i followed the tutorial (a month or so ago i followed it to make the actual pilot but this time i’m making my own original character)

After you save the project, and re open it, for instance if you made a big mistake, Blender crashed for some reason, you restart your computer, or what not. Upon re opening the file blender has immense lag while displaying the background image. I can look away from the direct views and everything is fine, i can look at the direct views with the background image turned off and it’s fine, but once i’m looking at the image at the same time as my model, the lag makes making anything precise quite a difficult process.

Is there a fix for this that anyone knows of perhaps? s:

I greatly appreciate any advice :slight_smile:

try setting the background image the normal way from the properties panel. you can access the properties panel with hotkey N if it’s not already there. should be on the left. hope that works. i am just guessing, really.

Actually, the other left… :wink: (On the right!)

arg. foiled again.

Haha i didn’t pick up on it either^

Sorry i havn’t replied for a few days.
It seems that the easiest way around this is to go with the more bulky method of creating Image Empties and turn of the selection of them in the outliner.
I havn’t seen too many others having this problem so perhaps it’s a problem i’m just having. Like how if i open user preferences my blender crashes :stuck_out_tongue: (now i open a 2nd 3D viewport and open it in that to make it work)

Ah who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m not sure if i should mark this as solved or not though.