Noob question , Rigged Model stuck in t-pose, need to get arms all down.

My model has been rigged, but I know nothing about the posse mode except how to twist the arms all around in cricles.
But what I want Blender to do is to get my model out of the T-Pose by briging the arms all down by the body.

I don’t know how to do it, can someone tell me what I need to do?

To be precise, we would need more information about the rig. Perhaps a screenshot?

But usually in pose mode, go to front view (numpad 1), and just select the arm bone, and press r to rotate. If the arm has an IK, then usually one might do this by selecting wrist or hand bone and just translating (press g) it to down.

Sometimes it’s confusing, if somebody else has made the rig, one one don’t directly know what bones are meant for deforming and what are for controlling.

Yes you’re right, the IK controller was located in the Wrist and in the ankles of his legs, hes out of his t-pose now. Thanks for your help.

But the work with him is not finished yet. he still needs a facial rig for audio dialog.

I also need to find some clothing now for him to wear to cover up all that white skin or unless
i turn the white skin into a body cat suit.

But once he has his clothing, then I can get his animations cycles done ( I don’t know how to animate him though).I know its done with keyframes and these dope sheets I think for adjusting and moving
the mesh it whats on the sheet for the walk and run cycles because I saw a video of it. Looks
like a painstaking process to do looks like it takes some skill so it Sounds like it will take a quite
a while to get all his animations done.

His animations I hope to put in him, are walk, run, breathe, sit, and idle, including
stretching his arms, putting his weapon all behind him. throwing, basic stuff like that.

So my commander now has the basic rigging done at the moment, and I’m happy with
the result of that, that now allows him to get out of static mode to do some posing but
not the facial rig yet to do audio as that might be more advanced.

One good idea is to use a pre-made rig (check out the Pichipoy rig which can be applied to most bipedal characters, mainly human). I often use it since it has a good system. If you have a simple rig, the best thing is to use shape keys to control the facial expressions.

Pitchipoy rig youtube: