Noob question - Trying to get consistent texture across faces

Below is an image of the issue I’m having. I’m trying to apply a marble texture to a fireplace I’ve modelled, but I’m struggling with how to do this in a realistic way. I’ve unwrapped the section I’m working with and tried applying the texture a few different ways, but I don’t know how to make it so that the marble looks continuous (it was of course carved, not separate slabs).

It seems unlikely that the best solution is to go through every one of the faces and figure out what matches with what, and do it all by hand. So, is there a better solution that I’m missing?

Any help appreciated!

Your post is missing screenshot of the whole interface, and an example .blend.

What it does show is a bad UV unwrap, and UV’s show that the geometry has n-gon faces, some of which are concave, and those also will give a bad unwrap even with good seams.

Cleaning the geometry and better unwrap, or using blended box mapping without UV’s. Which is better, can’t tell from the provided information.

I’d do a combination of 3D procedural texture and a couple of 2D texture maps applied as blended box maps, all blended and mixed in interesting ways. If UV unwrap was absolutely required, I’d probably bake out the result.