(Noob question) UV map doesn't work

Okay, so this should be a fairly simple solution, which I have just forgotten to do.
I am using v 2.65 Blender game engine, and other objects in the scene have functional textures applied
I am just trying to add an object to the scene and apply a uv texture but I seem to have forgotten how to.

There is a material applied to it with uv texture replacement checked and 0% diffuse and specularity
Texture mode is activated
It uv mapped fine, and the texture appears to work in the 3d view screen.

What have I forgotten though? It renders as if there was no texture applied to it, but is plain gray.

Blend file with packed textures (File / External menu) ?

I know this is somewhat of a long shot, but, are you using more than one material/texture on the same model? If so this might be the problem (assuming you are no longer using/needing one of the 2). In the UV Editor, by selecting the respective face it’ll show the texture it’s using on the left window. Should you find a texture that you no longer needed, then just remove it from the Material Tab’s materials list.

The texture was packed, the normals were reset, and it only had one material or uvmap applied to it. Hey, I was just trying to get a uv map to work for a simple cube. Could it be something to do with my lighting or render settings. I duplicate the situation in different scenes and it works there. And if I try bringing an object that was uv mapped and worked before, it mostly doesn’t work. I haven’t quite been able to isolate the variable that caused the issue still.