Noob question:Walk_Cycle/Static_Pose

I"m following David Ward’s “Game Engin: Simple Character - Part 1” tutorial, about a half-hour in:

He has the character “standing around” with an Always actuator on top, then a “walk cycle” with a Keyboard actuator next. When I try that, the character “stands around” until I touch the Keyboard; then the “walk cycle” goes once and stops. Then no more Actions at all. The walk cycle works fine on it’s own, before I add the static pose.

This is pretty basic stuff, and I STILL can’t make it work. I feel like I’ll be the first noob ever to die of old age.

Set the idle action brick on an other priority (mouse over it for info). So put it on lets say priority 9 and walk on priority 8 or on 1. Just ,ake sure its below the idle one. This should solve your problem i think.

Ok, well I gave that a try, but no luck. Having gone over the tutorial yet again, I see that David is using the Mesh parented to the Armature in the Properties/Object tab, and not using the Armature modifier. I’ll start again from scratch and use every option I can think of, but this simple thing is starting to get boring…
I think I’ll have to learn Python in order to really get a handle on Logic Bricks.

I’m not sure how the tutorial teaches it, but I always just parent the mesh to the armature (and select either Armature Deform or another option similar under it), and parent the armature to the collision mesh.

If you want, you can post the logic brick setup or the blend file to be worked with.