Noob Question - Weird Warping when rigging?

So here’s a little bit of the background. I’m working on ripping and rigging models from a game called City of Heroes for a project I want to do, a little 3D superhero comic. I’m using a program (if it can really be called that) called Ogle to rip the models straight from the game and save them as a jumbled .obj file.

Then I import the file to Blender, delete the extra bits like buildings and UI that got captured with it, and now I have a set of character parts in a cluster. I then take that small cluster of parts, copy it into a new Blender window and assemble them. This results in a character in the standard T-pose.

Everything working so far.

I usually also have to delete duplicate vertices and change tris to quads, but other than that nothing too bad.

Now this is where things get weird. First of all, I can’t go into edit mode with more than one part selected, say a boot and the leg, so connecting vertices is nearly impossible, which may be part of my problem. But the major thing is that after I rig the character, if I enter pose mode and try to move the skeleton, rather than say an elbow bending, parts that shouldn’t even really be effected will bend and warp along with the part I’m just trying to pose. Is this a problem with the parts being unconnected, or is it that I’m messing up somewhere with the rigging? If needed, I can provide screenshots of the effect for clarification.

Welcome to BA!

Your meshes are separate objects, to make them one object, select all the meshes for one character and key CTRL+J (join) this makes them one object that you can them edit as one to delete duplicate vertices, etc. You should do this BEFORE you rig the model…

What is happening is random vertices from your various meshes are being picked up by the armature. You should make one mesh and then clean it up, remove duplicates, close gaps, seems, etc then parent it to the rig with automatic weights.

If you continue to struggle, post your blend file - it is always a good idea to post blend files and/or images to illustrate your problems. As this is your first post, you will have to wait to get off moderation (10 meaningful posts) before you can post blend files, so put them in and post the link here.

Cheers, Clock.

Thank you very much for your answer. I will remember in the future to post my blend files if I have any problems. I will try what you recommended.