Noob question: what's wrong with my grass?

I set the one face to be an emitter, but some strands grow horizontaly. In addition, the bottoms of others look like they’re cut and lifted a bit, see:

I think, I’ve did everything like it was suggested in tutorial video.

Here is a macro, it’s definetely out of surface:

Without being able to see the rest of the settings, it looks like the B-splines is activated. De-select this as it makes the root of the hair to be at various heights above the surface.
It also looks like you have too many particles. Unless the pot is really, rellay big, I would expect much fewer grass strands. It also has an even taper. Real grass normally is straighter and only tapers in the last 1/4. Maybe use a shape value of -0.6 or so.
For the odd angles of grass, not much I can do without a blend file, but this is typically a geometry problem. Do you have a subsurf or any other modifications on the emitter?

Yes, I have subsurf on… And b-splines… Finally, I’ve got a right position and shape. As for grass shapes, I’d not rely on embedded particles draw routine, but model some grass and use it for particle visualisation. Have to learn and learn :slight_smile: