Noob Question!

how do i take a model from one file and place it in another in version 2.4??

Thanks ahead of time.

Speaking as a fellow noob (check my post count), I made the mistake of installing version 2.40 rather than 2.37. All the manuals and documentation that are out there are specifically for version 2.3x it seems and you’ll find a lot of the tutorials are hard to follow as many things in them have been changed in the new version.

I was stuck on getting sub-serf to work as it’s physically been moved to another area of the program. Flipping half a mesh around the object centre wouldn’t work either so even following the gingerbread man 30 min tutorial in the manual took me a few hours of absolute frustration before I reverted to 2.37 and redid it all in about 10 mins.

More experienced people who know it inside and out have no problem adapting to this but when you are learning on version 2.4 it feels as if the goalposts have been moved before you’ve even had a chance to get to grips with the basics.

I’d have a go at answering your question but I am not sure how to do it in 2.37, who knows if 2.4 would allow the same method.

Click “Shift + F1” in the main window, then select the .blend file which the object is in, and find it within the file. Then middle click the object to bring it in.

Thanks, now i have it figured out :smiley:


And after saying all that, when I try it in 2.37, there isn’t anything in the meshes part of the append file selector. The only thing in the objects list is cube.002 which is one half of my gingerbread man. Is this something that was fixed in 2.40? Maybe I need to upgrade… :wink:

Ah! Done it!