Noob Question

I am trying to transfer my 3d art work to another 3d project I am doing. Any help?

Hello Usinney Man!

If you mean a 3d scene/object from blender to another blender scene, you can use the “append…” option in the file menu. This will open a file explorer in the active window and you will be able to select the .blend file you want to import something from. From there you will see the different categories of things you have in your scene (cameras, lamps, object, mesh, etc. ). When you click on them you can see the list of actual items from the scene. Select them (right click on them, those selected will be in pink) and click on Load Library when you are finished selecting.

This will import the selected objects or other items to the same location they are in the source file.

Now if you mean importing from another 3d porgram, you will need to use the import option and choose the format you want to import from. Results varies following the imported format in this case.

Hope this helps.



Um there is one little problem when I do this. I right click on the file I want and click load library, but nothing happens. The window closes, any help please?

Load from the Object menu in Shft-F1. If you want to load only one object them MMB not RMB. If you want more than 1 object Shft-RMB select them then hit Enter or Load Library.


YES I have the same problem ( I have a decently bipedal skeleton i want to reuse… it takes time to set up all the bones) but when I hit shift f1 and go select the file (then goto armatures and the appropriate one) I hit load and nothing appears. What am I doing wrong. (I have accomplished this with surfaces and textures why can’t I import my skeleton?)

BlackManta :Z

You appended from the Armature library. If you append the armature from the Object library you’ll find it on the layer it’s in on the from file. As it is now, if you add an armature and goto F9, you’ll find your appended armature in the AR: menu in the Links and Materials tab and you can replace the existing dummy with the appended one.

Do I have to add something after I load it?

sorry if I am slow, so I have been appending from the object library ? is that what shift f1 is. should I be using shift f9? Otherwise i will use your hint to replace but I am curious how to append from the correct library (The armature is on layer 1 in the original file therefore shouldn’t it be on layer 1 in the new file?)

BlackManta :Z

Maybe read this:


from what i know.

file-append-gotofile-go to objects->
if you are only appending one object then left click

if you are appending many then right click all the ones you want

then click append. or load. forgot.

and go check different layers and zoom out if you cant find it.

i haven’t got any errors yet on armatures.


Sometimes I have the feeling it does not append anything either. But then I check the size of my appended model on one scene and the size of the scene I want to append to and I notice there is a big difference of size (bad me…). That’s where I start to zoom everywhere like a madman looking for my appended objects/models.

This could be the problem you had. It might be appended, but too small for you to see. The trick if you are bad at sizing your models compared to one another (as I am), is to place your objects to append at the reference intersection of the blender global coordinates (the red/green lines on the grid).

I usually create my scenes off the reference coordinates intersection so when I append objects they are not lost in the middle of the scene.

Hope this helps and solve the problem,