Noob question

I just picked up Blender 2.41 a few days ago and started working through the user guide (the one with Gus the gingerbread man). Right now, I’m stuck with two (noob-user) problems:

  1. The eyes, mouth, buttons, etc are all UVspheres, but now that they are touching the body, I can’t select them individually. When I right-click on them, I can either move the whole guy - eyes and all, or in edit mode, I can select a vertex. Is there an easy way to select these spheres without having to select all the vertices in the sphere first?

  2. When I try to change the material on any of the spheres (after selecting all the vertices in the sphere with the “B” multi-select), it changes the material of everything. What am I doing wrong?


Ctrl-L will be useful… Click a vertex and use it. It selects all of the mesh Linked to that vertex in edit mode. Seems all your meshes are in one object. You can use separate § to remove a sphere or whatever from an object and make it a separate object. You can later use join (Ctrl-J) to put it back if you want…

You will find it easier to apply materials this way too… per object, though it can be done to selected faces (for instance using vertex groups) as well.

WHen you create the first object, you enter automaticaly in Editmode of that object. If you create more objects while you are in Editmode, that new objects become part of the first one. Basically, you have just one object.

THere are several ways to solve that.

1- Start from beginning, and each time you create an object, hit TAB (leave editmode).

2- Using the object you have, select a vertice from 1 sphere “for example” and press CTRL+L (this will select all the linked vertices), now hit P and select Separate. With this method, you can separate your single mesh into several.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

CTRL-L is now my friend. :smiley: