Noob Question :/

ok, so i’m messin around with this halo stuff, and i know how to animate movment but how would I animate the halo changing/growin, as in what type of keyframes do i use?
I have attached a pic of the halo, this is how big i want it to grow to, but what type of keyframe should i use?


you can do that by going to the ipo window and switching to materials… there you would see halo size and what not

You can also set keyframes for halo size and other Material properties by setting your value, pointing at the Materials panels and pressing I-key. This works for force field, camera, and world properties as well.

thanks cd38, i was confused by your post chuzzy cuz you didn’t say how to set the key frames

New question, anyway to make the halo rotate?

Nope, a halo is a halo, it has nothing to rotate. But if you put two verts very close together and rotate them (with Shapes) you could maybe fake it.