noob question

sorry for this unbereably noobish question, but i can’t find a way to move in the space provided, not rotate or zoom, but to move your view up, down, left, right.

Also is there a way to copy and paste objects?:stuck_out_tongue:

haha, i just figured out the move commands, but is there a way to copy and paste objects?


Shift-d duplicates an object. Or…space bar, edit…duplicate. Alt-d duplicates linked. Alt-d is useful if you have several lights that will all be the same. If you change one, the others also change.

Also, if you answer your own post, it is fine, but if you tack on another question, people may not answer because seeing that the first post has been responded to, they will think your problem is solved. It is best I believe to start a new topic.

Best of Luck, and welcome to the wonderful world of Blender