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I know the answer to this question is yes, so what I’m really looking for is a how to answer. Is there a way to give an object different modifiers? Say I only want part of the object subsurfed? Is it as easy (subjective thought here) as just selecting all the verts that should be effected by the modifer or is it something a little more complex. In either case coudl someone give me the run down on it? Thanks!


To add subsurf toa part of a mesh,i think you have to select all the verts,then press P, selected.and then select the newly separated mesh and add the subsurf modifier.:wink:

For the subsurf you could also select the faces which should be less subsurfed, press Shift+E and drag the mouse.

I wanted to post this in a new thread, but for some reaosn the proxy keeps blocking it, but not on quick replies. SO bare with me…

Trak and Robin thanks for your advice. Could you be a little more specific on what you’re both saying, and if you have any advice on the questions below I would love to hear it.

Ok here goes:

  1. is there away to break one object into multiple layers without splitting the object into mutliples. Also I am asking because I want to rig a character. It would be easier and faster (due to the computer lagging) if I could right the parts seperately and then combine them as one whole object later. If I did that would it mess up the armature settings. (ie parenting and what vertices each bone effects?) So two questions here, can you break one object into multiple layers and still leave it as one object, and the other question, can you rig objects and combine them and not mess up the armature settings?

  2. Can someone in depth explain how to apply modifers to only portions of an object instead of the whole object.

  3. My character’s mesh is made up of a lot of built in blender objects. This was convient due to the shape I was going for. However due to the number of vertices it bogs the machine big time. Is there a way to remove some of the vertices without messing up the shape. I know in a normal mesh you can just merge redundant vertices together, would it work the same in polygons? (circles, cylinders, and tubes)

  4. Would turning off the subsurf during editing speed things up any? I just need to paint (rig) and texture the model. This part is taking forever due to computer bog.

  5. I keep trying to weight paint, but everytime I push the LMB to paint nothing happens. What is up with this?

Thanks for any help. This forum has been amazing in helping me grasp the awesome power of Blender. Seriously Blender is amazing.


some modifiers can apply to part of a mesh via vertex groups, but not subsurf. For subsurf to be applied portions of a mesh would require n-gons or at least a very different approach. so No you cannot apply subsurf to only a part of a model.

What you have to do is put vertices close together to make sharp corners. In other words, you CAN have a cube that is subsurfed but still looks like a cube. So you won’t get perfectly sharp corners , but those are rarely realistic anyways.

However, the previously mentioned ctrl E method is a good suggestion. heres an example of ctrl e applied to half of a subsurfed sphere:

to do this, I inserted a sphere, added a subsurf modifier and put it at level 3, then I selected one half of the vertices and pressed CTRL+E and dragged my mouse to the right until the number at the bottom of the window said +1.000. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you’ll have to post a picture of what you’re trying to do.

But it is like rock simple to then parent all the sparated parts together, or to an empty, and the modified ones and unmodified ones, the parts with different modifiers, will all move and rotate together like one happy modified family.

You can also apply multiple modifiers to one thangy…you know…

  1. Not really different layers but hav you tried (H)ide the faces you don’t want to see? When you’re done you could just unhide (ALT+H, I think I may be misstaking like I did with the ceasing)

  2. I think it impossible, but I’m not sure.

  3. Uhm… circles and tubes are basicly prebuilt shapes made by polygons so you’re free to merge as much as you want. You get to the merge function by pressing W.

  4. It would speed it up but another method could be to just pressing the crosshair icon in the subsurf modifier or lower the level value.

  5. I never really used weight pianting, even though I now that I should do, just messed around with the vertex paint and a little bit with the weight too. But try to paint at the vertices, it may be easier to find the vertices without subsurf so try to turn that off if it still doesn’t work.

Yup, this is a simply amazing forum. It helped me a lot when I was new and there’s nice people here.

You do realise that not everyone have the knowledge of the rarely seen, but often talked feature called Empty, especially not the new ones?