Noob Question

I’ve been a gamer all my life and have always wondered what a game engine is? I have read many times in articles on the web and in magazines about how they used x game engine to make this game, what is a game engine?

What exactly do you have trouble understanding?

what a game engine is :). i think my first post was quite clear.

A game engine, like the Wikipedia article says, is the ensemble of software which is necessary for a game. That includes physics engines, scripting (for, among others, AI and animations), collision detection, a renderer, sound…
No engine = no game.
Blender already has a game engine with everything you need to make a decent game rather easily.
Usually, companies which produce video games make their own engines.
OGRE is an example of an open source engine. It should be implemented into Blender soon.


So, I take it that the wiki link answered that for you. Right?