Noob Question

Hi, I was wondering how could I make a new scene that I can link to, for menus and changing levels and such :smiley: Thanks

Hey, Browncow.

I’m a noob myself, but I think I can point you in the right direction - there should be a drop-down menu at the top of your screen that says “SCE: Scene”. If you click on the arrows next to that text, you should be able to select “Add New” to create a new scene.

Hope that helps.

Oh well thanks :smiley: didnt know it was that simple :stuck_out_tongue: But now I gots a problem with animaiting. How can i make a path that a camrea follows, I know how to make a path and parent the camera to it, and it works fine in the editor but when i ress “p” it dosnt move. ( I know how to animate within the GE but with the path it dose not work):frowning:

I have tried dofferent things numerous times can anyone help ? :smiley: thanks

I believe I know what the problem is.

In the editor you press Alt+A, correct? This just plays the animation of the camera - it does not tell it to move, just provides animation keys of where it will be, when.
To play it in the game you must play the IPO using the logic bricks. Just assign an Always to your IPO and play it from there.

Hope it helps

Yes I tried that, it still does not work

You could always use an IPO actuator to play the IPO of an invisible object and parent the Camera to the object. Then with the Camera as the child it will follow the object’s exact moves.

If you know how to make parents then you should know how.