Noob Question

is there anyway. to make the background of an image in blender completly transparent…
like ina png format or something…??
like i want to have an object rotating… but saved with a transparent background.??

any help please >

either use a totaly back background and use the sequencer to add a differant image behind the object. or set the back ground to a strong green or blue then either chroma key it or just cut it out in a paint program.
ps why do you want it transparent if it is to add another image behind it you should use the sequence editor?

In Scene Context>Rendering Subcontext>Format Panel (F10, furthest right), there is a row of buttons labeled BW, RGB, and RGBA. Turn RGBA on, and render in a format that supports alpha like .png. Another thing that may be of interest is in the Render Panel; there is a row of buttons labeled Sky, Premul, and Key. Turning on Premul will premultiply alpha with the color, and turning on key will produce an alpha channel, but will not multiply the result with the other channel. Lastly, to see the alpha channel in the render window, press A.