Noob question

here’s the problem.
Object mode: add a cube, add another cube .
Edit mode: i can only select one of the two cubes.
If i go back in object mode , select a cube and return to edit mode, that becomes the “default” object. it does not happen all of the time, but when it does, i cannot get out of it. i must be causing this unintentionally.

thanks for your assistance,

If you add a cube then go into edit mode then select all (A) then shift + D to duplicate. then you will be able to edit both cubes.

so sometimes when you get out of editmode, select the other cube, then go to edit, you cannot go back to objectmode? if so, don’t know the answer.
To select the other cube in edit mode: when still in objectmode, select both cubes, and press CTRL + J, that joins both cubes, if you go to editmode afterwards, you have them both.

EDIT: didn’t see not-in-use’s reply: that ofcourse is another solution. and to be complete: when in editmode with 1 cube, you can add another cube still in editmode -> same result.

Thanks for the suggestions, i will try them.