Noob Question...

Hey everyone. I’ve been working with blender for quite a while, but I’ll admit I’ve only barely scratched the surface. I always find new things that I don’t know how to do, and usually Google answers my questions, but this time I thought I’d bring it to the experts.

Anyway, I’m making a train rail, and I modeled it in edit mode so I ended up with just the verticies. Then I connected the proper verticies with edges, and created faces between the edges. Basic, right? So then I go back into object mode, and it doesn’t display the faces, only the edges. Won’t show up in the game engine, either.

I know I’m probably missing something very simple, but I appreciate your help.



EDIT: False alarm…had it in wireframe mode…I don’t think I’ve ever felt this dumb.

Firstly check that you don’t have the view mode of the 3d window set to wireframe. Secondly, check in the panel for the mesh itself that it is set to display solid, rather than wireframe.

If that doesn’t work, delete everything but a single cross-section of the rail, then simply extrude it, which should create the faces automatically.