Noob Question

Hi people.

I’m new to blender and the 3D world. I would like to know if there are best practices/modelling techniques that a 3D artist should use. I guess I’m asking for good modelling practices eg. how should I model something (eg organic, industrial etc), Is using multiple objects for a character bad (eg for a robot)? I hope I’m making sense.

Thank you all.

Using multiple objects isn’t a bad thing.I would suggest starting with hard surface modeling so you can start getting the topology down for sharp edges or rounded corners within a single mesh.

Start by trying to model basic things like a pencil,ruler,a simple glass,a bottle and then move on to things that are a little more complicated like a pen or a glass with a pattern.

I agree with DCBloodHound. Using multiple, separate objects is a good thing. Like in the modeling of an airplane, if you try to make it all out of one object your topography is going to be trash. Like this:

The best way to learn is actually doing it. Along the way you’ll learn new techniques and tools. Maybe start off with some simple projects. If you get stumped anywhere the guys in the forums will help you out.

Good luck!

Thank you all for your responses :slight_smile: